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The Academic Skills Achievement Program provides one-on-one and small group tutoring to all students in the areas of world languages, mathematics and statistics, sciences, technology and writing. We provide free tutoring service for all CSUMB Students

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Last day of Sunday Tutoring will be December 7, 2014

Last day of tutoring will be Thursday, December 11, 2014



What does ASAP expect of students?

Be Actively Engaged In your session

Be open to helping others(your peers) understand.

Make the most of your appointment:

  • Bring appropriate materials - handouts, assignments, calculators, books.
  • Think about what topics to cover; bring questions.
  • Start the assignment before the appointment.

ASAP Learning Outcomes

Tutee learning outcomes—ASAP tutees will:

1. demonstrate willingness to embrace new learning strategies.
2. apply study and learning skills modeled and taught through peer tutoring to increase their ability to learn independently.
3. utilize collaborative and independent learning opportunities to increase understanding of course subject matter.
4. develop as independent and self-directed learners.

Tutor learning outcomes--ASAP tutors will:

1. reflect on their tutoring practice and formulate goals for personal learning and development.
2. convey information in a variety of contexts and communicate effectively and responsibly with a number of audiences, including students, faculty, and staff.
3. enhance their professionalism regarding planning and problem solving, interaction with students, faculty and staff, timelines of assignments, and appearance/dress.
4. facilitate self-directed learning approaches with individuals and groups in a variety of modalities.
5. develop interpersonal skills, including empathy and cultural sensitivity.


We are located on the 2nd Floor of the Tanimura & Antle Family Memorial Library, Room 2125.

Staff Contact Information

Daniel Shapiro, Ph. D., Director- 831-582-3090
Jay Singh, Program Analyst - 831-582-4518
Monica Soto, Tutorial Support Coordinator - 831-582-4459
Jessica Fine-Garrett, Language Coordinator-
Julie Lu Visi, Mathematics Coordinator -
Jon Detka, Science Coordinator -
Jay Singh, Technology Coordinator -
Lauren MacDonald, Writing Coordinator-
Lesley Stampleman, ESL Specialist-
Carolynn Schaut, ESL Specialist-

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