Tutoring in science occurs through structured Study Groups and Study Hall appointments. A trained tutor, with a strong knowledge of the material, ability to solve problems, and training in facilitating groups using a variety of learning strategies, will be present at each type of session. All of the sessions are designed to clarify ideas you learned in class, not to be a substitute for the learning you missed when you were absent from class.

Study Groups

Students in Biology, Chemistry, Kinesiology, and Physics can sign up for a study group designed to accompany specific courses. Study groups are generally a small group of students (3 - 6) who meet at a structured place and time to discuss ideas and solve problems related to material in their common class. This meeting is facilitated by a tutor proficient in the subject and trained in tutorial facilitation. By meeting together each week, students in study groups develop a comfortable, efficient environment for augmenting their learning in the classroom, and are guaranteed close guidance by a tutor throughout the semester.

Science Study Hall

Study hall is available for all several science courses. Study Hall is a block of time when a tutor is available and a space is scheduled for students from a particular set of classes to meet (e.g. Chemistry 109,110,111). Students are encouraged to drop in any time during Study Hall and work on sample problems or assignments with other students in their class.

Courses Supported

CHEM - 109 Chemistry & the Environment
CHEM - 110 Chemistry I
CHEM - 111 Chemistry II
CHEM - 210 Survey of Organic Chemistry
CHEM - 312 Organic Chemistry II
BIO 204 - Introduction to Life Sciences
BIO 240 - Ecology,Evol, Biodiversity
BIO 241 - Cellular and Molecular Biology
BIO 242 - Plant & Animal Form & Function
BIO 310 – Biochemistry
BIO 311 - Genetics
PHYS 121 - Integrated Physical Science
PHYS 150 - Physics for Biologists
PHYS 220 - Physics I
PHYS 221 - Physics II


For more information:
Call or e-mail the Science Coordinator, Jon Detka - jdetka@csumb.edu or 831-582-5178